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Well, here we are again with another boxed campaign for Imperial Assault – the ideal RPG for Star Wars fans who want to shoot and fight stuff rather than worrying about motivation and character building, and the ideal skirmish minis game for Star Wars fans who want to have a bit of a story behind what they’re shooting (at least until Legion comes out). This time we’re heading to the “Heart of the Empire” Coruscant! 

What does this mean in real terms? Well, it’s a bunch of new minis, a bunch of new floor sections, over a hundred new cards, and a brand new branching campaign. So, how is it?

The minis are of the standard we’ve come to expect from Imperial Assault, with all the good and bad that entails. They look good with a minimum of cleaning and are relatively easy to paint, although hardened miniature gamers and painters will probably be disappointed with the lack of detail or their relative cartoonishness. For my part, this doesn’t matter anymore. The miniatures all look consistent when placed next to each other, and look good on the tabletop; that really is all that matters when playing a game like this.  

The AT-PT looks nice and big on the tabletop, although following in the wake of the truly stunning Rancor figure in the Jabba’s Palace set, it doesn’t quite match the same “wow” factor of the last release. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look good in its own right, though, because it looks great.  

The board sections have excellent artwork, all looking suitably Coruscanty, although a lot darker than we remember them from the prequel trilogy. This works for me, as – not only has there been another twenty years of pollution – but we’ve also had twenty years of “The Dark Times”. This isn’t the central hub of the Galactic Senate. This is the Imperial capital.  

The only complaint comes that – as usual – all the minis you really want to play with (Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Ahsoka Tano) are all sold separately, and you’ve just got proxy pogs to play with in the game. For may part, I’d rather the base retail price was a little higher and I got everything all in one box, but that’s one of those things where there’s no pleasing everyone.  


 Conspicuous by their absence. Speaking of getting everything all in one box, if you haven’t yet thought about storage solutions for your Imperial Assault collection, then now is the time to start. Seriously, I can barely get the lid on now, and all my minis are already in a other boxes. It’s just board sections and cards in there.  

Is Heart of the Empire an essential purchase? No, there’s nothing game changing in here. Is it a highly desirable one? Absolutely. Lots of great new toys, and a fun city campaign.