So, as you may remember from my article a few weeks back, I’ve become rather addicted to the Legendary Marvel (or Marvel Legendary…no one seems quite certain) game from Upper Deck Entertainment.  Since playing around with the base set for a while, I wanted to add in some new stuff to play with, which is where I opted to add in the Civil War expansion pack.


This set draws its inspiration and introduces characters from not the recent Captain America movie, nor the recent comic event, but from the original Civil War of a few years back, which was a massive storyline a la Original Sin, Axis or Secret Wars. In this there was a split amongst various heroes as to whether or not they should allow themselves to be put on a government register, with the pro-registration forces led by Iron Man and the dissenters under Captain America. It’s available on Marvel Unlimited, and I highly recommend giving it a read.

So what do you get in this pack? Well, the new characters are a mixed bag. There’s a fair amount of filler, and if you’re not a total Marvel Zombie, it’s unlikely you’ll be fussed about playing with Wicca or Hulking in your deck. However, there are also a few heavy hitters in the form of Cloak and Dagger, Winter Soldier, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist posing as Daredevil. No matter how big a fan you are (at least, if you’re a big enough Marvel fan to be playing Marvel Legendary in the first place), there’s certainly more than a few characters that you’ve heard of.

An extra nice mechanic is that you now get double cards.  These cards, when held in landscape orientation actually feature two smaller cards on them, and when they’re in your hand, it’s then up to you to decide which of the two sides you want to bring into play, it expands variety, and flexibility, and for the “tag team” heroes, like Cloak and Dagger or the doubled up Storm and Black Panther set, really feels thematic, as the two characters working in tandem is central to their concept. What’s odd though is that every character in this set has them…even Daredevil, Vision or Hercules. Sad to say, this actually cheapens the effect, and makes it feel like a novelty, rather than something designed with specific heroes in mind.


The villains and masterminds are all from the pro-registration forces…SHIELD Elite, Maria Hill, Iron Man…and then Baron Helmut Zemo for some reason. I guess he’s the main villain in the recent Captain America movie…

So, if you’re using these villains/masterminds and you’re a theme driven gamer, you’re either going to have to play them as a Civil War era conflict, or with the Villains set,   Of course, putting the villains up against Maria Hill could be fun, anyway.

I guess how “essential” this expansion is will come down to what sort of gamer you are.  If you like playing Legendary as a purely tactical deck-builder, then there will certainly be plenty here to keep you occupied, and the new Avengers cards will be a great addition to that batch you already have, allowing for even more superpower combinations. If, however, you’re a theme driven gamer, who likes to sort set-ups based on how things could conceivably work in the comics, then for the most part you will have to accept that most of the stories you make will be time-locked to the Civil War-era.  If that’s an era you don’t remember particularly fondly, then maybe this set won’t be for you.  Although the Cloak and Dagger cards are pretty cool. And I do really like Winter Soldier…

Brad Harmer-Barnes is a games journalist and comedy writer from Kent, England, and has written for (among others) Miniature Wargames magazine, Fortress: Ameritrash, and Suppressing-Fire.Com, which he also edits.  You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @realbradhb


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