Review – Star Wars: Armada – Wave 4: Liberty

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Star Wars: Armada Week continues here at Suppressing Fire, as we leap headlong into Wave Four, and the good guys get some big guns courtesy of Mon Calamari with the Liberty.  The Liberty is a large ship, so larger than anything in the base set; more the same league as the Home One and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Here she is.

As usual, you get all the chits, dials and gubbins, so that you’re not short of anything if you want to play with EVERYTHING YOU OWN ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

You’d have to be nuts, but you could, and it’s nice to have the opportunity, rather than having to double up on everything.

As usual, you have two base ship types to choose from…

…the lighter armed but still punchy Star Cruiser, and the shovel headed kill machine of the MC80 Battle Cruiser, which has a staggering five shields in its fore, and a seven dice attack out the front, plus a lot of space for enhancements, and some nice anti-squadron weaponry/defences.  

Then, of course, you get all the enhancements…and there are a fair amount of them here:

It’s always nice to have a movie character show up in X-Wing or Armada, and there’s General Crix Madine, from Return of the Jedi. He gives a very tasty bonus to your navigation orders, allowing you an extra click of yaw and/or speed change on top of what the navigation order will already give you. If you want to give your ship the name of Liberty, then you’ll get a very powerful bonus to your squadron control. Quad laser cannons can make your red dice especially bitey, and the Skilled First Officer can really help with your command disc control!

All in all, this is a truly great package. The ship itself is amazing, capable of acting as either a flagship, or a support vessel with ease. The enhancements, too, are very good in this pack; not a duff one there.

Outstanding. Buy it with your hands.


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