Star Trek: Attack Wing – Wave 23 Review

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming

Star Trek: Attack Wing fans rejoice, we’re back with a look at Wave 23 of Wizkid’s take on the flight path system.

This wave is part of the “Classic Movies Storyline” organised play event and features the Romulan bird of prey “I.R.W. Jazkal”, the Klingon K’t’inga battle class cruiser “I.K.S. Amar” and the Federation starship “U.S.S. Montgolfier” – replete with another Wesley Crusher.


Each ship is standard fare here in terms of what’s included inside, i.e. your movement card, captain, weapons, crew and scenario cards. The Montgolfier of course, comes with Photon Torpedoes, but also comes packed with a “Heavy Graviton Beam” which – when targeting Borgs specifically – grants an additional +3 attack dice on top of the generous 3 it bestows as standard.

The Wesley crew card provides you with means to perform either an action whilst having an auxiliary power token, or giving you a free action listed on your upgrade cards. Adding to the Mongolfier’s ability to get out of tight spots. And further reinforcing this is the Orfil Quinteros Captain card, which allows you some form of regenerative capabilities to the Montgolfier’s hull. As for the ship card itself, the named variant allows switching the focus of target locks as a free action provided the opposing ships are at 1-3 range.

The bundled scenario card concerns Federation forces dealing with the remnants of Dominion forces, and looks to be a standard battle between the two sides, focusing on an orbital weapons platform that the Federation must destroy in order to achieve total victory.


The second ship, The I.R.W. Jazkal, comprises that which you’d expect of a Romulan ship – a high degree of maneuverability, coupled with some excellent defensive abilities make the Jazkal one tough cookie. To start, the named ship card bestows a rather brilliant defense against captain upgrade cards, so long as a scan token is next to your ship, for in that circumstance, you cannot be targeted, but also, cannot be targeted by any torpedo attacks. The captain upgrade card “Vrax” allows the deployment of the “Reman Bodyguards” card even if you are exceeding your ships restrictions, they themselves affording you an extra +1 to attack and a -1 to enemy ships defense at range 1.

There is also a cloaking device, which is about as predictable as photons on a Federation ship, though this one appears to let you cloak with the absence of any shields, and there are also “Disruptor banks” that serve as this vessels torpedo attack. Also coupled with this expansion is the “Nigil” crew card, which allows you to equip an additional upgrade that has a -1 cost to is SP – with a minimum of 1. All together this makes for a powerful ship, that only gets worse when played with “Destabilized Relations”, that forces a defending ship at range 3 to roll -2 defense dice against your attack, provided there is a ship at range 1-2 of your target ship. Useful for bigger battles, were taking out a larger threat is imperative.

The scenario card “Escape the Minefield”, is a 2 player scenario, that sees a Federation ship, lost in a minefield of cloaked mines, at the mercy of 2 Romulan ships, the Federation ship must escape enemy ships and the minefield to win, and the Romulans must destroy the Federation ship before it can warp to safety. Tense stuff, that combines the elements I enjoyed from the Bajoran lightships scenario card from previous waves, with combat elements. Almost like a submarine battle in space.


The Klingon ship, I.K.S. Amar is perhaps the most interesting of the ships, namely because it features in “Star Trek: The motion picture”. Albeit a short appearance, as the rogue satellite V’ger reconstitutes the ship into pure information after its volley of a few photon torpedoes. Speaking of Photons, they’re here, and they come with “Stand by torpedoes” which – when disabled – saves your target lock for another attack round of torpedoes, couple this with the Barak captain card, which allows the addition of +1 attack dice when the photon card is discarded. So there’s some nice, punchy abilities that buff an already powerful attack.

Of the few crew cards included with this expansion, comes the “Klingon Helmsman”, which allows extra maneuverability, the “Klingon Navigator” which allows for the player to ignore their chosen maneuver dial and perform any maneuver on the maneuver dial with a speed of 3 or less. We also have, “Klingon Tactical Officer”, which allows the expenditure of evade tokens to convert a normal damage into a critical hit, which becomes really nasty if playing as the named variant of the Amar, which allows for evade tokens to be placed beside your ship if you miss an attack. To cap it off the scenario card entitled “Investigate the Unknown” sees a solo player investigating an entity in the form of an enormous cloud, naturally, being Klingon you want to fire some Photons in there…to investigate them? Yes, that’s exactly what the card states, and it sounds goofy and fun and completely reminiscent of the movie. Solo scenarios like this keep the game fresh for players who can’t always attend regular gaming sessions.

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing wave 23.jpg

To summarise, I think there’s definite worth in Wave 23, especially for Klingon players, as the Amar really does afford you some quite nasty abilities, coupled with some improved maneuverability. It’s one that – if fully equipped – I’d be wary of approaching. The Montgolfier is a solid ship, with both the maneuverability and strength I commonly associate with Federation ships, if played conservatively, it could be quite a hard feat to take down, especially with the Captain’s regenerative abilities. And finally, the Jazkal, a little above the standard bird of prey, with high maneuverability and defensive capabilities, this ship has the potential to be the thorn in any player’s side, especially with its ability to ignore any captain upgrades

Once again, Wizkids have made a compelling wave of ships that are essential to the Star Trek: Attack Wing player, especially if they want to have the edge in their respective faction.

Top stuff.


Words by Joe Crouch, pictures courtesy of StarTrek.Com.  Star Trek: Attack Wing and its many expanions are available now from Wizkids Games; and you can follow Joe on Twitter.


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