Heroclix Battle Report

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming

Joe and Ian are playing 600 points of the DC World’s Finest set, up against Brad, fielding the Brainiac Skull Ship, and some random jobber bad guys to make up to 600 points.  The good guys start the game with the initiative.

Robot Man goes running up a side street, ducking from cover to cover.  Batman and Superman bravely rush forward and cower behind the fallen Daily Planet logo.

Joe is determined to use his Black Cat this game.  

Brad: I swear down, if this gets the knock-out blow on Brainiac…

Creeper and Negative Man skulk around the end of the High Street, and the Brainiac Skull Ship generates a Drone.

Joe: The Drone looks quite a lot like an Ultron Drone…

Brad: It kind of does.  I guess, much like a broken clock is right twice a day, DC have to have an original idea twice a year.

Ian: Checking the Weapon Drop Pod, and Batman has…Running Shot.  I’m going to see if he can take out Creeper, there.

Crouch[sotto voce] I should have given the Black Cat the Infinity Gauntlet…

Creeper takes four points of damage from the Batarang.  He’s still in the game, but he’s looked better.

Brad: Creeper looks like Dr Frank N. Furter caught in a paint factory explosion.

Copper and Toymaster move to assist the Black Cat (for reasons known only to Joe).  

Ian: So, Superman has his laser vision…

Joe: Is that an attack of twelve and a damage of four?!

Ian: Yup.

Joe: That’s ridiculous…

Brad: To be fair, it is Superman.  That means, that with Alura giving you a +1 to hit…you’re looking for a 4+ on 2d6.  BAM!  Of course you do…Negative Man takes a massive four points of damage.

Okay, what’s Batman packing in his utility belt, this turn?

Ian: Penetrating/Psychic Blast.

Brad: “Good thing I brought my Psychic Utility Belt, Robin.  Ask me what number I’m thinking of…”

Ian: The more I play with this, and think about it, for eight points, that’s a fucking amazing item.

Brad: Let’s pause for a moment to get a shot of Brainiac’s Skull Ship and the Last Son of Krypton staring each other down over the fallen Daily Planet sign.


Ian: I’ll send Robotman in to assist Batman.

Ian: I think I’m gonna charge Alura into to attack Brainiac.

Ian: Attack is…seventeen?  I doubt that’s going to work.

Brad: Defence of twenty.  That’s no effect, I’m afraid. Brainiac Skull Ship attacks back on his turn with an attack of…Critical Hit…for twenty-four.

Ian: She’s got Impervious…

Brad: So, that’s seven damage points heading your way…roll 1d6.  If you got 1-4, you only take five points of damage.  If you get a 5+, you completely block it.

Ian: Five.

Brad: Damage is reduced to zero.  Mini-She-Ra is just too tough for it.  And because I didn’t score damage, I can’t spawn a Drone.

Superman comes in to assist Alura with his Laser Eyes.

Brad: We’re all just ignoring Negative Man.

Joe: The cat’s got his eye on Negative Man.  Anyway, Superman…attack roll of…BAM!

Brad: Yup, that’s cool.  Two damage to Brainiac.

Ian: I’m going to push Alura.  Attack of…eighteen?

Brad: That’s a hit.  Four damage.  Checking for Imperivious…reduced to two damage.

Ian: Robotman attacks Creeper…BAM!  Three points of damage…and…

Brad: Creeper is down.

Ian: Batman’s weapon-drop is now giving him Exploit Weakness, so…bam…one Drone down.

Ian: Alura smashes Brainiac for another…three points of damage.

Brad: Crom laughs at your four winds.

Joe: Superman goes to pile on the damage again…four damage.

Brad: Reduced to two…but you’re whittling him down.

Joe: I’ll send the black cat around, giving tokens to the Skull Ship…and all these drones over here…and that means that I can Probability Control your attack rolls from those characters.

Brad: That’s…frankly…a pain in the arse.

Brad: Toymaster runs and hides in a nearby car.

Brad: Brainiac uses Power Reclamation Field, which is one point of damage to Alura, and then he heals one click…which is a free action.  Then I’m using Tentacle Claws…power action, and close combats up to four characters.  Each one hit is hit with three damage, and then anyone hit gets a Drone next to them.

Joe: Shit…

Brad: Nineteen…that’s enough to do all of you.

Joe: Black Cat Probability Control!

BradStill nineteen, I’m afraid.

Joe: Alura’s on her last click!

BradThen a buttload of Drones spawn all around.

Ian and Joe are all burnt out, and forced to rest up this turn, which means it’s Brainiac’s turn to act again!

Brad: I’ll do that Power Reclamation Field again, so that’s one point damage to Alura, and then Brainiac heals a click.

One of the Drones attacks Copper, knocking him into a wall, knocking him out of the battle.  Another Drone goes after Toymaster, which can’t get past the cover the wrecked car provides.  Superman finds himself in battle with another, doing two points of damage to the Man of Steel.  The last Drone goes for Alura, whacking her for another two points of damage.  

Batman and Batman battle against the Drones and Poison Ivy on the other side of the street.  

Ian: Alura’s pushing to attack Brainiac…misses.  Joe, do the black cat thing.

Brad: I like the idea that you’ve sent the cat out with a screwdriver, loosening all the bolts in the Drones.

Joe: Four penetrating from Superman’s Laser Vision.

Brad: Jeez…

Joe: I know I made a lot of jokes about the cat during the unboxing video, but she’s actually really, really good

Brad: Brainiac smashes Alura for…four damage.

Joe: She’s down.

Ian: Batman’s got Toughness and Willpower, so he’s going to smash a Drone open.

Brad: Smashed.  Boom.

Joe: I think this calls for Laser Eyes.  Looking for a six…BOOM.  Four penetrating.

Joe: Thematically this is good.

Ian: Good character.  I also really, really like that Batman from the Fast Forces, with the Weapon Drop Pod.  It’s definitely built for Superman and Batman to play as a team.

Brad: I still love the Brainiac Skull Ship.  It’s just an absolute tank of a piece.

So, to conclude, we’ve done the unboxing, we’ve taken them out for a spin…what are your feelings on the World’s Finest set?

Joe: Nice and powerful.  And the black cat was really good.

Ian: I love the Batman.

Brad: I think there are some very powerful individual teams, but they also work very well for team-building.

DC World’s Finest and the Brainiac Skull Ship from Wizkids are available in all good gaming and comics stores now.  


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