X-Wing: Like A Bossk

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming
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With all the excitement in the air over the new trailer, movie, game, action figures, comics and virtually-everything-else-StarWars, my buddy Ömer (some of you may remember him from the seminal YouTube series Claymore Division) sat down to test out the new Hound’s Tooth, just recently released for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing.  First, I took control of Bossk in a Scum & Villainy Faction, while Ömer took a Rebel Squadron, led by Wedge Antilles.


In universe, the Hound’s Tooth is the ship of Trandoshan Bounty Hunter, Bossk.  Previously only seen in the Expanded Universe/Legends line, it was canonised when it was seen in the Clone Wars episode Bounty, originally aired in 2012.  In universe it’s 47 m long, 37 m wide and 16 m high, making it a pretty impressive looking piece on the battlefield.


For the first game, we teamed Bossk up with two Y-Wing jobbers, named Wayne and Barry.


Across the battlefield/pitch/playing area was a squadron of custom-painted X-Wings, led by Wedge Antilles.


The Rebel squadron peels off, with one Z-95 heading to intercept the Y-Wings, and the rest heading towards the Hound’s Tooth.


The Hound’s Tooth casually places a target lock on the lead X-Wing.


The sheer size of the Hound’s Tooth allows Bossk to use it as a blocking tactic, stymieing the movement of the X-Wings.


The X-Wings finally manoeuvre around the Hound’s Tooth, and try to stick a few shots up its tailpipe.


Barry and Wayne head for the assist.


The Hound’s Tooth, however, can get a shift on when it wants to, and manages to outpace the X-Wings.  Wayne (Or maybe Barry.  No one’s keeping track.) screens Bossk from the Rebels.


Bossk loops around the asteroid to face up against the Rebels again.  The Hound’s Tooth has an unconventional firing-arc, in that in addition to the normal 90 degree arc at the front, the 180 degrees to the read is a secondary arc.  This makes him not as versatile as the Millenium Falcon, but at an advantage over something like the Slave I.

We’d been playing for about an hour and a half, by this point, and decided to switch over so that Ömer could have a play with the Hound’s Tooth.


This time, Ömer took a similar squadron to what I had played recently, while I flew as an Imperial Squadon, led by…


Bossk’s sometime-rival sometime-buddy, Boba Fett.


The Empire’s finest scream to intercept the Scum & Villainy Y-Wings.


Even compared to the inimitable Slave I, The Hound’s Tooth is an imposing piece on the battlefield.


Once again, The Hound’s Tooth is great at blocking manoeuvres, even slowing down the Slave I, here.


A shot showing the size between the Slave I and The Hound’s Tooth.

X-Wing: Miniatures Game: The Hound’s Tooth is available now from all good gaming retailers, priced £32.99.

Look out for more X-Wing posts here on www.suppressing-fire.com, and a review of The Hound’s Tooth and other X-Wing Miniatures in a future issue of Miniature Wargames magazine.


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