Clix Against Cancer

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Events and Exhibitions, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming

This weekend saw me taking part in a special Heroclix game, aimed at raising money for Cancer Research UK. Around the table I was joined by (amongst others), Suppressing Fire’s own Joe Crouch and Ian Harmer, and Emotionally Fourteen‘s Ömer Ibrahim and Rob Wade.

The scenario was designed by Ian, and saw us all teaming up to take down Team Ravenloft, before taking each other on in an elimination match.

A lot of fun was had by all parties. I managed to snatch a few photos, which I figured I’d share with you all.

My Black Bolt and Joe’s Black Widow and Winter Soldier find themselves attacked by Ian’s Iron Nail.

Our buddy Paul just fielded one guy, because when you’re Hank Pym, you don’t always need backup.

Ömer and his partner, Charlotte, fielded a joint team of Spider-Men and Women. Here they are about to tackle my Hulk, which – surprisingly – actually worked for them.

Black Bolt and Giant Man. This is going to get bloody.

Winter Soldier and Union Jack (remember Joe was a fan of his?) tackle the Fenris Wolf.

 Rob’s Flash was a superb player in the game, and it was a very close run thing between him and Joe’s SHIELD team. Ultimately, though, Joe was the victor, and walked away with two prizes: a Con Exclusive Dark Knight and a very nice large Apocalypse figure.

Altogether, we raised £96 for Cancer Research, and had a great game to boot!


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