Last of the Lancasters

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Aerial, World War II


This new collection of pilot and civilian reminiscences endeavours to commemorate the spirit of the almighty Lancaster bomber, with each chapter dedicated to a unique individual – or group of individuals – who took part in its history in some capacity. Be they pilot, civilian, or journalist, each played their own part and their accounts offer a host of fascinating insights.

Episodes featured include the battle for Munich and the Nuremburg and Berlin Raids. Stories of PoWs downed in their Lancasters and captured in enemy territory also feature, communicating a real sense of peril experienced behind enemy lines.


Last of the Lancasters is a pleasure to read, and a large part of this is due to how well-paced it is.  The anecdotes and experiences are short, to the point, and contain a minimum of the self-indulgent waffle that regularly plagues books of this type.  As a result, everything feels easy to digest, and so you actually feel that you’re learning from Last of the Lancasters without even trying – there’s no wodges of statistics and bumpf here!

It’s nice that everyone who offers up their story feels like an individual.  It’s not as though you’re getting the same engineering story from fifteen different engineers!  Every story contributes something unique, and this all adds to making Last of the Lancasters a joy to read.


Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in WWII aviation.


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