Cobra! – The Attack Helicopter: Fifty Years of Sharks Teeth and Fangs

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Books, Cold War, Vietnam War, War on Terror


The history of the Cobra helicopter is a long and varied one, characterised by extensive deployment in some of the most dynamic theatres of war. Designed in 1965, we have hit the fiftieth anniversary of the AH-1’s inception into the world of combat flight, so it seems timely that we should be presented with this, a comprehensive historical account of the various landmarks of the Cobra’s service history.
ID45165_600This heavily illustrated volume relays the story of the Cobra from the days of early development and concept dissection right through to modern day uses, in both combat and civil contexts. Details of the early trials at Rucker are detailed, as is the birth of air mobile deployment, offering an illuminating insight into a most eventful period of developmental expansion. A full account of the Cobra’s service history during the Vietnam campaign is also included, describing the various tactics and weapons employed. The development of iconic variants such as the King Cobra and Supercobra is outlined, their individual histories set alongside those of lesser known and under-sung types, one off designs and oddities that add yet more colour to this fascinating history.


The photos through Cobra!: The Attack Helicopter are absolutely incredible.  They are numerous, and all interesting (turns out you can have quantity and quality!).  The text is interesting, entertaining and informative, without getting bogged down in all the technical details that can sometimes render the text virtually unreadable among all the version numbers and sub-classifications!

The Cobra’s operational history is comprehensive, and a nice mixture of operational level overviews, and some first-hand memoirs and stories from the people who flew in the Cobra in theatre.

If you’re interested in the Cobra – or attack helicopters in general – then Cobra! – The Attack Helicopter: Fifty Years of Sharks Teeth and Fangs is an essential purchase.

Take a preview here:

  1. Fascinating. Good read, my friend 🙂

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