The Lost Legion

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Ancient, DVD, Films, Historical Fiction
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After the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome has been stripped of its former glory and left desperate to recapture its past.  Prima schemes with all her cunning and spite to see her son declared the new Emperor.  In her way is her husband, a Roman general, who has forged his own deadly path to fulfil his ambitions.  The Lost Legion is a violent tale of manipulation and debauchery in the quest for ultimate power.

The Lost Legion is not, as its cover makes it out to be, a sword-swinging, hack-and-slash action-fest, but rather a slow burning, political thriller, with occasional bursts of extreme sex and violence.  Imagine if Rome did a crossover with Game of Thrones, and you’d be in the right ballpark.

The acting style is a little odd, but not bad.  It seemed at first as though the cast were overacting, but as it progressed it didn’t feel so much overblown, as more if it were stage acting.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that The Lost Legion were originally a stage-play, adapted for the screen; or perhaps that the directors had their background in the theatre.

The bursts of sex and violence when they occur are bloody and explicit.  This is by no means a bad thing, as it looks pretty cool on the screen, and that’s what the aim is; although one can’t help but feel some of it is a little childish and merely inserted for titillation.

Production wise, the costumes are excellent and the set-design – while limited by budget – is very good.  Again, this gives it a theatrical minimalist feel, adding to the feeling of adaptation from the stage.

The Lost Legion is an interesting movie if you’re into the senatorial side of Roman history, or just enjoy some Dune/Game of Thrones style political manoeuvring.  Don’t expect to be blown away by anything that’s on offer here, but it’s worth a rental or catching on a digital streaming service to fill a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Lost Legion is available on DVD in the UK from 20th October 2014 priced £14.99 (Rated “18” for strong gory violence, sex, and sexual violence). 


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