The SS & The Occult

Posted: September 10, 2014 in DVD, World War II


Heinrich Himmler was the creator of the infamous Gestapo, the Waffen SS and the concentration camp network. Himmler was allegedly inspired by mystic visions, runes, horoscopes and a longing for a heroic German past which drove him to adopt an official policy which rested on an arcane set of beliefs in the occult roots of the Third Reich. The SS & the Occult re-visits the sites most closely associated with Himmler and traces the development of his idealogy.

The expansion of the SS was the brainchild of Heinrich Himmler. He was the driving force behind the whole dark edifice and was also a believer in the arcane and the occult who felt that Germany’s future was shaped by forces rooted in its pagan past. Himmler believed in astrology and developed a range of pseudomasonic rituals that he believed would help to drive his creation towards a new Aryan dawn.  This new study of Himmler and his SS Empire attempts to revisit this often overlooked aspect of the Third Reich.

The initial impression this DVD gives is not a great one, with the production being a little ham-fisted at times, but the archive footage is simply superb and the narrator is very engaging.  It’s a good thing he is, too, as the subject matter – by its very nature – can frequently be very vague and wishy-washy, name-dropping famous occultists such as Blavatavsky in an attempt to make as many connections as is possible.

With that said, there way it ties into the philosophy behind the implementation of the Eugenics programme, and the anti-Semitic beliefs of the Third Reich is very insightful, indeed!  Witnessing the development of the SS and the SD is very interesting, as it follows Himmler’s thought processes very clearly.

Ultimately this is a very engaging documentary, although it does wander somewhat from the original premise of the documentary by the halfway mark, the direction it heads in is much more interesting, so it’s very hard to object!

The SS and the Occult is available now from Pen and Sword Books.


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